Widow Killing

Iranian Novel 

Yousef Alikhani


Aamout Publication/ Second Edition / 304 pages/ 18000 Toman  


.In less than two months, “BivehKoshi” was able to go for the second edition


After many tensions, “KhabideKhanoom” and “Bozorg” are able to get married. However, life is not always kind, and “Bozorg” is swallowed by “Azhdar snake” in “Azhdar-cheshmeh”, a fountain in the village.


 “KhabideKhanoom” has a daughter, named “Ajab-Naaz”.  By people’s believe, she is forced to wait for the smaller brother to marry her.


She gets married to “Dadash”, but after a while, “Azhdar snake” kills her second husband as well.


 “BivehKoshi” has a simple language with exciting story which open doors to other stories for readers.


Yousef Alikhani was famous among the readers because of his “Trilogy”, which is a collection of short stories (“Ghadam-bekheir” was my grandmother_ dragon killing_ Willow Bride). This time, he came up with his first novel.


Alikhani’sstories mostly happen in an imaginary village called “milak”, and his main concern is telling the story of people who caught up in the myths, fantasies and beliefs.


Most of his short stories were translated to English, French, German, Arabic and Turkish.


By writing, “Ghadam-bekheir was my grandmother”, Alikhani won the “International Village Festival Prize” and has been nominated for the “book of the year of Islamic Republic”. “Dragon Killing” was able to receive the letter of commendation in first round of Jalal-Al-Ahmad’s prize and nominated for the eighth round of HoushangGolshiri’s prize. Also, Alikhani won the prize of “book of the year of Ghanipoor” and nominated for the season’s book prize because of “Willow Bride”


Second edition of “BivehKoshi” by YousefAlikhani in the 304 pages and price of 18000 Toman was published by Amour publication.


Translated by Ghazaal Morshedi


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